Exciting, new ways of learning, thrilling new opportunities!

Are you too busy to commit to full time study but would like to update your skills and qualifications? Maybe you’d like to learn at your own pace, when and where you want? With online education you can find programs which meet all your requirements and suit your schedule. You direct your own development.
Online education is the new paradigm in learning. Improve your skills and retrain in a way that fits with your life.


When planning your new future, it’s important to choose a reputable provider who provides the material, tools and support you need and allows you to manage your study to suit you. Before investing your time and money it’s wise to do some research and ask a few relevant


  1. For how long is the course valid?
  2. Is the time limit extendable?
  3. Can you see a sample of course material before you purchase?
  4. Is there any free trial or any period when you can check the course and receive a refund if you don’t want to proceed?
  5. Does the course offer exactly what you are looking for?


While online education providers offer student support, you are the one in control of managing your study. Before you commit to your course, be clear on what level of support is offered and what facilities are available, both during and on completion of your course.


  1. Are tutors available on demand or within certain days/hours?
  2. How does tutoring work? Individual tutoring? Group tutoring? What does each cost?
  3. If you have a disability, inform your provider in writing as early as possible and ask what extra support could be given before you commit to your study.
  4. Take time to understand how assessments and exams work
  5. Is there an exam at a physical location, like an exam center, or just online? If so, check that you can easily access the location?