In education, confidence in your standards is critical to success. Quality assurance is central to our goals when reviewing all aspects of the educational experience in your organisation. We help you to reassure customers and students of your commitment to the highest possible standards, increasing your status and credibility.


Beginning with a culture of dignity, respect and kindness to your team and to customers will, in turn, win your organisation respect, trust and credibility. We promise to embody these qualities in all our dealings with you. Upholding high academic standards by portraying ICERT accreditation is proof of your respect for your target audience.


Our aim is to enhance and strengthen the online education industry. We work hand in hand with you as a provider, a learner, an employer or a stakeholder to boost the reputation and improve the standards of this sector. TOGETHER WE RAISE STANDARDS, CREATE VALUE and BUILD TRUST


We want to support you to excel in your field. That’s why we guarantee to excel in ours. In each case we engage in, we assign an adviser who will offer his/her full attention and commitment to guide you through the ICERT accreditation procedure quickly and efficiently. We will custom design a process which directly addresses your individual needs


Our experienced team of advisors know the ins and outs of the accreditation process intimately and are trained to see the relevant areas that need addressing. We work with you collaboratively to iron out any outstanding issues so you qualify for full accreditation.


Standing out from your competitors is essential to gain and maintain market share. In the midst of the current boom in Digital/eLearning, you can differentiate your organisation from the average by offering the credibility, guaranteed quality and high standards that ICERT accreditation adds. Elevate your institution or company to the pinnacle of your field.